What I Wore Today

Feeling French on Friday.

Actually just looking French.  I wanted to wear something comfortable, because Friday night I had this complicated high-maintenance outfit with high heels planned.  So I thought of this dress, with the red flats, and the red, white and blue made me think of the USA, which made me think of this photo I’d just seen of the Ralph Lauren Olympic outfits, and I liked the berets.  But when you put the beret with horizontal stripes, it looks French.  Which is OK with me. (That’s pretty good branding the French have.)

  • Dress: Alloy.com
  • Hat: thrifted in the early 90’s, I think at St. Vincent de Paul in Evansville
  • Flats: La Bonitas in the Mission
  • Tights: Capezio, from SF Dancewear
  • Pearl earrings: ABC Trading Co. in St. Louis
  • Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Photos by Sonya at Doe Library.

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