What I Wore Today

I’m kind of excited about my Frye Campus boots.

I had a really strong attraction to them in the shoe store.  This is a model that’s been around for a while, and I think I remembered them from Seventeen Magazine in seventh grade (the ads said “why Frye?”).  My friend Dawn Rainey had the Western version (knockoffs from Sears I think) which she let me borrow all the time.  I felt grown-up and sassy in them.

And about that confessional in the bottom picture.  I came across it on Sproul Plaza at lunch and didn’t quite catch the story.  Something about an advertising class, a video, confessing if you’ve illegally downloaded Adobe Photoshop (I have not), a campaign for Adobe to make it free…I love Cal students.

  • Frye Campus boots: Astrid’s Rabat in Noe Valley
  • Dress: Anthropologie, thrifted from Savers
  • Earrings: Charlotte Russe
  • Leopard & gold bracelets: thrifted
  • Skinny gold bangles: Wet Seal
  • Sunglasses: Greetings in Bloomington

Photos in my neighborhood by Buster (look at that fog!), and by an unknown student on Sproul Plaza.