What I Wore Today

Same Place, Same Outfit

We spent most of our day back in Central Park.  The cheeseburger and fries at the Boathouse are really good.

You might notice this is pretty much the same outfit as yesterday, just in different colors. (I can’t help it!  I get flummoxed by all the different constraints: suitcase size, comfort required for walking, hot weather.)

  • Tee: Sears
  • Skirt: Charlotte Russe
  • Sneakers: Champs in the SF Centre
  • Purse: lesportsac.com
  • Earrings: gift
  • Rhinestone/stud band: Wet Seal
  • Stud bracelet: F21
  • Silver/blue/green bangle set: Strawberry
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by King at the Mother Goose statue and near the Bethesda Fountain.

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