What I Wore Today

I’m Serious

This is what I wore last Friday, the second day of classes, when I was still in the mode of communicating how in charge and competent I am, which to me means a leopard-print sheath and cat-eye glasses.

  • Dress: Speigel.com
  • Belt: Lazarus in Evansville over 20 years ago
  • Tights: Capezio from SF Dancewear
  • Pumps: 9West
  • Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
  • Spike bracelet: Kohl’s, the Avril Lavigne line
  • Earrings: thrifted long ago from the Evansville SA

Photos by Tkash at the Trasfer, Re-Entry & Student Parent Center (TRSP) and the MLK Jr Student Union.

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