What I Wore Today

Earl Butz

Today’s outfit is in honor of Jane Smiley’s academic satire Moo, which I read a long time ago and loved.  After working at large universities for 15 years it now reads as narrative non-fiction, and I love it even more and will not stop talking about it.

The setting is a Midwestern ag school, so this blouse with prize-winning cows and pigs really spoke to me.  Earl Butz is a secret 700-lb pig who’s being studied by a professor to see how fat he gets.  And there’s just all kinds of cray-cray like that, where you go, “YES!  That’s what it’s like!”

  • Blouse: Odille (Anthropologie), thrifted from my neighborhood Goodwill
  • Skirt: Rainbow Fashions in STL
  • Frye Campus boots: Astrid’s Rabat in Noe Valley
  • Belt: thrifted from Savers
  • Leopard earrings: from Ann
  • Ring: F21
  • Horse charm bracelet: thrifted in Evansville
  • Green beads (2): my kids’ school’s rummage sale; STL street fair
  • Sunglasses: Greetings in Bloomington, IN

Photos by Dewey at Sproul Hall, the main administration building at Cal.

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