What I Wore Today


My first semester of college, my brother Peter went shopping with me and convinced me to buy a cream wool fisherman’s sweater from Block’s, or Macy’s, or whatever the May Co. dept. store in Bloomington was called 23 years ago.  It was on sale.  Because it was a man’s, it was really oversized, and I’d wear it with cream Forenza leggings from the Limited, and beige foldover boots.  I held onto it for years—he was right, it was a good buy.


This poor excuse that I wore yesterday is OK sometimes, but it’s only 60% wool, and that has some implications.

On a different note, I was thrilled to run into Prof. George Chang and his wife Abby during our shoot.  And I think that’s the Cal baseball team in the bottom pic.

  • Sweater: Eddie Bauer
  • Pants: Sears
  • Boots: Sole Desire
  • Earrings: Joan Rivers for QVC.con
  • Sunglasses: Lola Star on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Photos by Lauren around Dwinelle Hall.

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