What I Wore Today


I got these new boots (my back-to-school shoes!), and they led to basically the same outfit two days in a row.  I like how they’re shorter and more fitted than a typical moto boot.

I wore the striped shirt on Sunday, shopping for school uniforms with the fam at the Tanforan Mall.  I’ve always been curious about the military cemetery we pass on the drive home, so we stopped there.  (That headstone is from a Spanish American war veteran!)

On Monday, King and I dropped the kids off to their first ever sleep-away camp. We met up later for lunch downtown.

Boots: Doc Martens, from the Doc store in the Haight; Leather jacket: Gap, thrifted from the Excelsior Goodwill; Jeans: Target; Bag: Coach Factory Outlet; Striped tee: Bang-On in the Haight; Leopard tee: vintage 70’s, thrifted from the SA in Evansville long ago; Belt & earrings: Hot Topic; Sunglasses: Lola Star in Coney Island, and Bancroft Clothing Co. in Berkeley.

Photos by Buster at the Golden Gate National Cemetery, 8/11/13, and by King downtown, 8/12/13.

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