What I Wore Today

Can’t Fight the Feeling

If you’re like me, some days you wake up and think, I need a pair of 80’s acid-wash Guess jeans with ankle zips.  So you go to the thrift store, knowing that it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a pair when you’re specifically looking for them, but boom, there they are.  And even though they aren’t particularly flattering, you buy them and are determined to style them in a modern way.  And you can’t, so you leave them alone for two years, but the feeling just won’t go away!  So you wear them anyway, amazed at the mysterious and powerful force that fashion is.

It’s so weird to wear 80’s jeans—I forgot they have no spandex!  No spandex and this funny cut make your legs look like carrots. Blue, acid-wash carrots.

Jeans: Guess?, ca. 1989, thrifted from Savers; Top: Custo Barcelona, from a boutique in the St. Louis Galleria; Jacket: H&M; Pumps: Target; Belt: 90’s, thrifted from a Modesto Goodwill; Bangle: Plato’s Closet; Earrings: Joan Rivers for QVC.com; Necklace: from Maryanne.

Photos by King at the Stonestown Galleria, 6/15/13.

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