What I Wore Today

Bonnie & Clyde

After Kelly and Cliff’s wedding, they had a Hollywood-themed costume party.

Kelly and I bonded over costumes long ago.  In 1994, we were both Resident Directors on Semester at Sea, and before our first staff training, we all had to submit pictures of ourselves that were sent to everyone.  When Kelly saw the picture of me in my Disco Statue of Liberty Halloween costume, she decided we would be best friends.  On SAS, we tried to turn every event into a costume event.  In 1997, Kelly was the “officiant” as King & I said our vows at our Vegas-themed costume wedding.

Yay for costumes!

Skirt & scarf: ThriftTown; Sweater: Clothes Contact; Shoes & purse: Excelsior Goodwill; Wig: thrifted in St. Louis long ago; Beret: Nordstrom; Glam gun: (actually a pendant with the chain removed): Spirit Halloween store.

Photos by King and Frank, 10/13/13, in Mahopac, NY.

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