What I Wore Today

There can never be enough Pucci love.

Dress: Boston Proper; Bracelets & tights: Sears; Earrings: thrifted; Pumps: 9West, from the outlet in Lake of the Ozarks; Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant.

Photos by Melissa at Hearst Mining Circle.

Waking Up Late, Posting Late

This outfit is from Friday, when I woke up a half hour late, which is 50% of my prep time.  This dress was quick.  The scarf was accidental—I was cold in my office and found it on my coat rack. I kind of like it.

I was so busy today I forgot to post til now.  It’s supposed to be Dead Week!  Bring it on, I’m tired.

  • Dress: Marshall’s
  • Scarf: F21
  • Booties: Alloy.com
  • Tights: Sears
  • Cuff: Community Thrift in the Mission
  • Earrings: thrifted from the SA in Evansville
  • Sunglasses: Rite Aid in South Bend, IN 20 yrs ago

Photos by Mary at Dwinelle Hall.

The Mobile

And by “mobile” I mean this silver thing behind me, which I guess could be a sculpture, but it’s suspended and slowly moves.  Does that make it a mobile?  I’m not sure, but it’s super-cool, and we were really excited the light was finally right to get some good pictures.  It’s in this courtyard-like space in Engineering, with a dome skylight over it.  And then what’s with the cobblestones?  It’s like a medieval castle.  I love all the elements of this space.

I’ve always thought of these earrings as mobiles too.

And one final note: that elevator picture reminds me of a double-agent type from 24, if 24 was set in the eighties.

  • Top: Factory2U in the Mission
  • Skirt: YesStyle
  • Boots: Newportnews.com
  • Necklace: F21
  • Earrings: St. James the Greater Flea Market in Dogtown (STL)
  • Zipper bracelet: Claire’s
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by Monica at Bechtel Engineering Center.

True to Myself

I ran into my friend Mona yesterday, who said she noticed that since I started my new job, my outfits seem a little more conservative.  Although I haven’t consciously been dressing more subdued, I think she’s right!  Like maybe I’ve been thinking I have to slowly ease into my new environment before I bust out the color explosion.  So Wednesday was the day.

  • Pants & pumps: Hot Topic
  • Dress as tunic: Avon Fashions, ca. 1991!
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Bracelets: F21, yard sale, JC Penney, thrifted all over, Aldo Accessories
  • Choker: Limbo Lounge
  • Earrings: thrifted
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by Althea near Dwinelle Hall.


It used to be that all my wild print palazzo pants were vintage pieces excavated from thrift stores.  Now you can just walk into a mass-market retailer and get them.  That’s OK with me.  I think when I was younger, it might have bothered me, because I’d think, but then everyone will have them.    I am happy to report that on my campus of 24,000 I didn’t see anyone else in these today.

Palazzo pants: F21. Love the awesome print, the color combo, and the comfort. Palazzo pants make me feel like a glamorous 1960’s party hostess.

Sweater: TJMaxx.

Pendant: Sears.

Gold shoes: La Bonita in the Mission.

Coin earrings: thrifted in Evansville, IN in 1990.

Sunglasses: CVS in South Bend, IN in the early 90’s.

Photos by Francisco around Latimer Hall.

Circles & Squares.

I love the super-swirly circle-y pattern on this dress that is cut very square.  So I wore these square-toed, square-heeled pumps with a square pattern on the toe.  Then I wore earrings that were circles hanging on a square.  I was going for a 70’s secretary vibe.  And I always appreciate a Pucci-inspired print.

Dress: Ross.  I love the pattern so much I bought the dress in red too.
Belt: Michael by Michael Kors at Symms, this weird discount store in STL.  I like the chain segments that are mounted on the belt all the way around.
Pumps: ThriftTown in the Mission.  They’re 9West.
Bangles: all thrifted.
Earrings: from my mother-in-law.
Tights: Bloch, from the San Francisco Dance Store.
Sunglasses: CVS in South Bend in the early 90’s.

Photos by King on Kearny & Sutter Street .  Just climbin’ a tree in downtown San Francisco.