What I Wore Today

Isis at the Warriors/Suns Game

Perhaps this is Isis on my leggings?  (Black Milk calls them “Egypt” leggings.)  I love the name Isis, and long ago decided that if I ever had a daughter, that would be her name.  I didn’t factor in that her dad might have an opinion, so now I have a Daisy.

I was so happy to find this vintage Aigner bag.  It reminds me of Mrs. Schmidt, my seventh-grade reading teacher.

  • Leggings: Blackmilkclothing.com
  • Tunic: New York & Co.
  • Boots: Alloy.com
  • Coat: vintage, my mom’s
  • Bag: vintage 70’s, eBay
  • Jewelry: all thrift or gift, except for one of those gold bangles, which is from Charlotte Russe.

Photos by Buster at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, during the Golden State Warriors v. the Phoenix Suns game.

Liberty Leading the People

You know I love it when there’s art on a garment.  These leggings are all about the 1830 July Revolution in France.  Since this is not an art history blog, that’s all I’ll say, but I encourage you to read about the painting because, as usual when art and history are combined, it’s pretty interesting.

They’re kind of tricky to wear as I normally would, which would be with some kind of black tunic top.  But then Miss Liberty would be covered up and she’s kind of the main event, the way she’s leading the people and carrying the tri-color and all.  So I had to find this top (in my closet) that exposes my hip a little, which makes the whole thing a little racy for work, which means it’s a good New Year’s Eve outfit.

  • Leggings: Blackmilkclothing.com
  • Top: New York & Co.
  • Bolero: thrifted from my neighborhood Goodwill
  • Leopard booties: Alloy.com
  • Vintage 50’s purse: Material Plane in Bloomington, IN
  • Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Coin Earrings: thrifted from the SA in Evansville
  • Bracelets: thrifted in SF

Photos by King at Yick’s corner store in the Excelsior, which is where I get my Diet Coke when I’m getting my nails done.

Circuit Board

I really wanted to go to Soda Hall where the Computer Science majors are to see how much love I’d get in these circuit board leggings, but I didn’t have time.

  • Leggings: BlackMilkclothing.com (they had a sale in August!)
  • Tunic top: New York & Co., thrifted from the Excelsior Goodwill
  • Booties: H&M
  • Earrings: St. James the Greater Flea Market in Dogtown, STL
  • Bracelets, top to bottom: Wet Seal, Sears, Claire’s
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by King in the Excelsior.

Cathedral Leggings

I love these leggings.  They just give and give.  And by that I mean they keep giving me joy no matter what I wear with them.

Some fun details in this outfit include the dollar sign on the blouse, the coin earrings, the stained-glass window-like bracelet, and the cage heels.

  • Leggings: Blackmilkclothing.com
  • Ruched skirt: from a boutique in the St. Louis Mills Mall
  • Blouse: thrifted from my neighborhood Goodwill
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Earrings: thrifted from the SA in Evansville many years ago
  • Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless
  • Necklace (an afterthought): Puttin’ on the Ritz in Evansville
  • Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Photos by Yousef at Valley Life Sciences Building on campus, and by King at home.

Art & Fashion

I know some fashion is art, but I love when it’s kind of literal like this, but remade for practicality, because who could really move around in those Brillo Pad dresses anyway?

I was all inspired to wear these because it’s my birthday on Sunday, so I was thinking what do I want to treat myself to?  Since I was wearing my Black Milk swimsuit a lot last week (and loving it!), that awesome brand was on my mind.  So that’s how these ended up on my body.  That, and wanting to be really comfortable in flat shoes.

  • Leggings: BlackMilkClothing.com
  • Tunic: Sears
  • Penny loafers: Bass, from the outlet in Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Necklace & several bracelets: thrifted all over
  • Silver bangle set: Dogtown yard sale
  • Other bracelet: TJ Maxx
  • Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Photos by Gail at Dwinelle Hall.