What I Wore Today


Dress: Nordstrom Rack; Sweater: Ambiance in Noe Valley; Leggings: F21; Mary Janes: Demonia from howcool.com; Earrings: gift from Bevin from Nepal.

Photos by Sharon at Sutardja Dai Hall, 3/21/14.

This print intrigues me.

Those faces!  They’re like the film negatives of a glamour shot, so now she looks like a zombie.

This outfit was also inspired by girlsdressingcuteforwork, where I saw someone in an awesome bodycon dress.  Mine is super-tight with mesh sleeves, which made it feel a little much for work, so I wore my leopard modesty coat most of the day.

Dress & vintage coat: thrifted at Savers; Boots: Alloy.com; Vintage necklace: Evansville Antique Mall; Earrings: from Rob (his grandma’s); Bracelet: F21; Sunglasses: Lola Star on Coney Island.

Photos by Kathy, 1/10/14, at Hearst Mining Building.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Head to toe patterns.  All clothes should be like this.  Why go around with plain clothes?

Pants & shirt: JCPenney; Belt: Gap, 23 yrs ago; Loafers: Bass Outlet; Earrings: Sears; Sunglasses: Air & Space Museum gift shop.

Photos by Sandy at Edwards Stadium, 9/9/13.

All-over prints

Love ‘em.  Kind of surprised to find this at Target. I’m not sure what it’s referencing, but I thought it was beautiful.

Top & bottoms: Target; Sandals: 9West from Overstock.com; Black bangle: Pink in Burlingame; Other bracelets & earrings: thrifted; Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry.

Photos by Whitney at Haas Pavilion.

Coogi/Lilly: Sporty & Bright

I love Coogi.  I love those big huge men’s jeans with the extremely adorned back pockets, and the coordinating hoodies.  So by extension I like the womenswear too.  This top in particular has a lot going on, and I couldn’t help noticing how similar it is in some respects to my Lilly Pulitzer vintage golf skirt, and I thought, what a beautiful and complex example of material culture I’m wearing.

  • Top: Factory2U in the Mission
  • Vintage Lilly Pulitzer skirt & chain bracelet: thrifted long ago in Indiana
  • Espadrille wedges: Target
  • Pearls: Macy’s
  • Gold necklace: Vintage Wearhouse in Bloomington, IN 
  • Spike bracelet: Avril Lavigne for Kohl’s
  • Earrings: Charlotte Russe
  • Sunglasses: Walgreens

Photos by Hemisha at Barrows Hall.


I saw this awesome skirt and loved it because it was so faux-Versace, then a month later, I found the blouse in the same store.

  • Skirt & top: Bloom, in the Tanforan Mall
  • Cuffs: Charlotte Russe, also in the Tanforan Mall
  • Vintage 1960’s Herbert Levine leopard pumps & sunglasses: Mars on Telegraph
  • Earrings: Joan Rivers for QVC

Photos on Telegraph Ave. by Emily, and up close at home by Buster.

Just Professing My Love Again

I can’t overstate how much I love the Abstract Expressionists, so I’m saying it in two languages: English and Fashion.  That’s why I bought these pieces (separately, in different years at different stores).  I was inspired to put them all together by a feature in Elle on head to toe prints a few years ago.

The center pics are Franz Kline (L) and Jackson Pollack.

  • Vintage 50’s/60’s blouse: thrifted in Evansville at St. Vincent De Paul
  • Skirt & some bracelets: F21
  • Leggings and jacket: H&M
  • Mary Janes: Hot Topic
  • Earrings: The Icing
  • Other bracelets: thrifted, TJ Maxx
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by Jeff at Valley Life Sciences Building.