What I Wore Today


Possibly in response to Thursday’s skimpy outfit, I piled on the clothes last Friday.  But I’m sure it’s not as simple as that.  I mean really, this outfit is so complex it could launch a whole graduate dissertation.

I was definitely inspired by Gwen Stefani from a few years ago, and The Styledictorian last week.  The starting point of my outfit is my skirt I had made in Sierra Leone. We could just stop right there and I could go on for about 5000 words with that skirt. It’s Sierra Leonian fabric, but I gave the man with the sewing maching on his porch my Ann Taylor denim wraparound skirt to use as a pattern, because I didn’t think I could keep the skirt together without the Western fastenings I was used to.  (See what I mean???!!)

My tailored men’s-inspired suit jacket over a teenage promdress, over a faux-African skirt, held together with a leopard-print belt from Banana Republic.  Uggh, it’s all too much to process.

And let’s not even get into the art that I’m posing by and the historical marker of the Spanish Empire that I’m leaning against.

  • Skirt: made by the village tailor in Jaiama Nimicoro, Sierra Leone, 1990
  • Plaid dress: thrifted at Savers in Redwood City
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Belt: Banana, thrifted at my neighborhood Goodwill
  • Leggings: variety store in the Mission
  • Platforms: Gee Wawa, from 6pm.com
  • Earrings: from Ann
  • Necklace: acquired while volunteering for Wardrobe for Opportunity
  • Bracelets: some thrifted, some gifts, a few from Freetown, SL, & Baker’s
  • Sunglasses: Rite-Aid drugstore in South Bend, IN about 20 yrs ago

Photos by Sandy near the edge of campus at Pomodoro’s “Rotante Dal Foro Centrale,” and the historical marker noting the Pedro Fages’ expedition’s 1772 observation of the Golden Gate.