What I Wore Today

Winter Wood Fairy

With leaves wrapped around my legs and hanging from my ears, and bark covering my feet, I felt like I should be darting around the woods. 

Instead I stayed in my office and talked with students.  I really missed them over the break!

(Here’s when I was a summer wood fairy.)

  • Blouse (Ann Taylor) & booties (9West):  thrifted from the Excelsior Goodwill
  • Skirt & belt: thrifted from Savers
  • Tights: somewhere in the 90’s
  • Earrings: The Icing
  • Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry on Durant

Photos by Christine at Dwinelle Hall.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

My friend recently did a contemporary costuming of this production.  I kind of think I could be one of the Wood Fairies.

I LOVE this floral print.  It reminds me of shiny fancy wallpaper (maybe faux-fancy), or an oil painting from the museum wing I usually avoid.  It was $10 at H&M, and there were two women discussing it as I was shopping.  One said to the other, “is this pretty?  Or will I look like a sofa?”  Her friend said she’d look like a sofa.  I should have convinced her to be a Wood Fairy with me.

Note the shoes.  I bought them, along with a pink dress with sheer black overlay, as a reward for a promotion 13 yrs ago.  Also note the earrings.  I like how they look like some kind of hanging weeping blooms.

  • Dress: H&M
  • Platforms: Classified, from some store on Melrose
  • Tights: ?
  • Earrings & pink bracelet: Sears
  • Green bracelet: Claire’s
  • Sunglasses: dollar store in my neighborhood

Photos by Sandy near Haas Pavilion and Dwinelle Annex.  That tree is growing in Strawberry Creek.